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The Four C’s

Diamond Earrings


A carat is the unit of measure for a diamond’s weight. One carat is equal to 1/5 of a gram, so 5 carats equal one gram. A diamond’s value is not determined solely on the basis of carat weight.


Cut refers not only to the actual shape of a diamond. It also refers to how well the shape was cut. In other words, if a round diamond was cut to exacting proportions, then its cut would be considered “Excellent” on the cut scale.


Diamonds come in many colors. Most diamonds are graded based on a scale beginning with colorless and ending with tinted yellow. Some very rare diamonds come in visible shades of color such as yellow, pink and blue. These rare colors can also be duplicated in a laboratory and are referred to a color treated diamonds.


Clarity refers to the existence or lack of inclusions within a diamond. A flawless diamond refers to diamond that has no internal or external inclusions. Some diamonds that exhibit certain types of internal inclusions can be enhanced to improve their appearance to the naked eye.