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The Process

In nature, perfect diamonds are extremely rare, which accounts for their astronomical cost.  Yet natural flaws impact a diamond’s refractive properties, inhibiting its beauty.

TEVA’s clarity enhanced process fills a minor fracture with an exclusive material that reflects light exactly the way a diamond does, making the flaw virtually invisible.  Such treatment gives you a larger stone that looks amazing, for the price of a diamond half its size. TEVA enhancement does not affect the integrity or value of the diamond in any way.

As raw diamonds form, pressure can trap air causing visible flaws.

After cutting and polishing, these flaws reveal themselves to the naked eye because they inhibit the reflection of light making the diamond less brilliant.

TEVA’s unique process corrects nature’s flaws by replacing the air with a substance that’s optically identical to that of the diamond.  This makes the flaws invisible to both the naked eye, and in many cases, even the jeweler’s loupe.  Now light  travels through the diamond revealing the beauty, brilliance and clarity of a better stone.

A TEVA Clarity Enhanced diamond lets you own a bigger, better diamond at a more affordable price.