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“I’ve worked with TEVA for over 5 years now and had worked with Dora and Boaz before when they were with Oved Diamonds. They offer wonderful customer service and a wide product range. We use their products every week.” – Ted Koester, Herzog Jewelers


“I have been doing business with TEVA Diamonds for many years and have always found their prices to be competitive or lower than other Clarity Enhanced diamond companies. Their warranty and trade-in policy are great, as is their knowledge of their inventory (which is extensive.) I have found when giving the customer a choice, they will almost always choose a clarity enhanced diamond when educated about their qualities and price.” – Chris Lawrence, Christopher’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry, Inc


“After many years of working with the wonderful staff of TEVA Diamonds, their organization is very professional, courteous, consumer oriented, and knowledgeable. They provide us with superior training, amazing support and are very accommodating. They have an excellent trade-up program, which we use regularly. They have always been understanding of our needs and will go the extra mile to get us any merchandise needed to close the sale!” – Kriss Roethlisberger, Ace of Diamonds Fine Jewelry & Gifts