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Located in New York City, NY, TEVA Diamonds is a leading provider of clarity enhanced diamonds, catering to major players in the diamond & jewelry industry, both retailers & wholesalers. The company is directed by Principles Boaz Oved.


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Your TEVA Diamond product is protected by our lifetime warranty. In the event your customer decides to upgrade to a larger stone in the future, TEVA Diamonds will accept the trade in stone for full value of the original invoice price.


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TEVA Diamonds memo program available to JBT accredited retailers.

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Natural Earth-mined diamonds that have gone through High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) process permanently changing the color of the stone from slightly colored to white. HPHT process does not change the clarity of the stone.

The HPHT process can only be done on rare Type Ila diamonds. Type Ila diamonds make up only about 2% of the world's diamonds. The HPHT process puts the diamond into a controlled environment mimicking the natural process in which diamonds are created. In this high temperature (1800 to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit) and high pressure environment, the diamonds are allowed to continue the natural process so they may reach their full color potential.

HPHT natural diamonds should be differentiated from Lab Grown diamonds and Clarity Enhanced diamonds.

All our HPHT diamonds (1ct plus) are submitted to GIA for grading. The HPHT process is a permanent process making all HPHT diamonds valid candidates for GIA grading. GIA stringent laboratories can accurately screen diamonds for synthetics and treatments, as well as, inscribing for accurate identification and representation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “clarity enhanced” diamond?

Not all diamonds are flawless. Some diamonds have inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. Certain visible inclusions can be processed to improve their appearance to the naked eye. Keep in mind that clarity enhanced diamonds are 100% natural diamonds.

Can you easily identify an HPHT diamond?

No. This process is undetectable without the use of gemological laboratory equipment. All our diamonds lct and larger come with GIA reports that identify the stone as color treated and are inscribe for added transparency.

Can an HPHT diamond revert to its original color?

Absolutely no. Once a diamond has undergone this process it can never revert to its previous state. Because of this fact, leading laboratories such as GIA, will certify HPHT diamonds.

Are HPHT diamonds artificially grown in a lab?

Yes and no. The process of color treating a diamond can be done on both lab-grown and Earth-mined diamonds. However, our HPHT diamonds are natural Earth-mined Type Ila diamonds with GIA reports that identify the stone as Earth-mined and color treated.

Does the HPHT process improve the clarity of a diamond?

No. This process cannot improve the clarity of a diamond. In fact, only diamonds with very high clarity or with only a few specific inclusions can survive the process. The conditions are so extreme that the presence of too many inclusions can result in the diamond fracturing or exploding during the process. For this reason, we only put the finest graded diamonds through the HPHT process. This results in 90% of all HPHT diamonds will have a near flawless clarity grade, naturally.

How does the HPHT process affect the resell value of a diamond?

An HPHT diamond will cost 40% to 60% less than a non-treated Earth-mined diamond with a GIA report. However, regardless of is affordability, the stone will continue to increase in value as any other diamond, making it a sound investment and a great option when looking to purchase a high-quality diamond for a fraction of the cost.
  • Teva Diamonds has an extensive inventory of HPHT diamonds from .50 to 7ct plus in all shapes.
  • All HPHT diamonds lct and larger come with GIA reports.
  • HPHT diamonds typically price at a 30%-60% difference compared to non-HPHT GIA diamonds.
  • We offer terms for stock purchases and memo for call items.

Call us today and start your journey of discovering how beautiful HPHT Earth-mined diamonds can help you close competitive GIA sales and make larger mark ups!

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