Frequently Asked Questions

Teva Color Perfected Naturals (HPHT)

1Q Do Teva Color Perfected Naturals require any special care?
No, you may handle them the same way you wold handle any other diamond. They can be re-cut, re-polished, exposed to a jeweler's torch or be cleaned by any method you currently use.
2 Q Are Teva Color Perfected Naturals grown in a lab?
A Yes and no. The process of color treating a diamond can be done on both lab grown diamonds and Earth mined diamonds. However, our HPHT diamonds are natural Earth mined Type2A diamonds with GIA reports that identify the stone as Earth mined and color treated.
3Q Can you easily identify a Teva Color Perfected Natural diamond?
A No. This process is undetectable without the use of gemological laboratory equipment. All our diamonds starting at 1ct and larger come with GIA reports that identify the stone as an HPHT diamond and are inscribed for added transparency.
5Q Can a Teva Color Perfected Natural revert to its original color?
A Absolutely no. Once a diamond has undergone this process it can never revert to its previous state. Because of the fact that this process is permanent and irreversible, leading laboratories such as GIA, will certify HPHT Earth mined diamonds.
7Q How does the HPHT process affect the resell value of a diamond?
A A Teva Color Perfected Natural (HPHT) diamond will cost 40% to 60% less than a non-treated Earth mined diamond with a GIA report. However, regardless of its affordability, the stone will continue to increase in value as any other diamond, making it a sound investment and a great option when looking to purchase a high quality diamond for a fraction of the cost.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

1Q What is a “clarity enhanced” diamond?
A Not all diamonds are flawless. Some diamonds have inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. Certain visible inclusions can be processed to improve their appearance to the naked eye. Keep in mind that clarity enhanced diamonds are 100% natural diamonds.
2Q How does the enhancement process work?
A Using a vacuum process, the air within the diamond’s inclusion is removed and replaced with a material that is very similar to the diamond. This filler material mimics the diamond in the way it interacts with light entering the diamond. The inclusion is still in the diamond but since it is now filled it can no longer be seen to the naked eye.
3Q Are all clarity enhanced diamonds flawless as a result of the process?
A No. The process varies in its final result depending on what clarity the diamond had prior to enhancement. Since the process can only improve the apparent clarity by one or two grades the highest achievable apparent clarity is a VS2.
4Q Is the treatment process permanent?
A Under normal wear and tear, the treatment will last for life. Exposure to a jeweler’s torch (such as during retipping) can alter the filler material or even remove it entirely.
5Q If the filler material is altered or removed, can the diamond be reprocessed?
A Yes. Unlike other treated gemstones, the diamond itself is not damaged if the filler material is altered or removed. The diamond can be reprocessed to restore its original enhanced look.
6Q Is a clarity enhanced diamond the same as a laser drilled diamond?
A Although laser drilling also improves the clarity of a diamond it is considered a different type of process. Laser drilling is a permanent process designed to remove the appearance of carbon spot inclusions. A laser is pointed at the carbon spot within the diamond. A microscopic entryway is then created which allows the carbon spot to be “bleached” white.
7Q Are clarity enhanced diamonds also laser drilled?
A Laser drilling is not required in order to process a clarity enhanced diamond. Some clarity enhanced diamonds are laser drilled as well for one of two reasons. The diamond could have had a carbon spot in addition to a suitable inclusion, or the inclusion was completely enclosed within the diamond and therefore required an entryway.
8Q How do you identify a clarity enhanced diamond?
A All clarity enhanced diamonds exhibit a “flash effect.” When tilted under light, a subtle flash can be seen under 10x magnification. This flash can be seen in different colors such as violet, blue or pink.

Selling Aid

1Q Are memo programs available?
A Yes. The total memo amount and program durations are considered on an individual basis.
2Q Are upgrades available?
A Yes. We offer a full value upgrade towards the purchase of a more expensive diamond at any time in the future.
3Q Are clarity enhanced diamonds certified?
A Yes. We submit some of our clarity enhanced diamonds to an independent grading lab for certification.
4Q Is the treatment processed guaranteed?
A Yes. If the filler material is altered or removed for any reason simply return the diamond to us and we’ll reprocess the diamond at no charge to you or your customer.
5Q Is your guarantee in writing?
A Yes. With every purchase, we will send you our guarantee in writing on a wallet size card upon request.

Selling Techniques

1Q At what point in the sales presentation do you suggest we offer an enhanced diamond?
A As soon as you present a diamond for the first time. You should plan to have some basic options on hand for basic sales such as a ½, ¾ and a 1ct. For larger stones, call us right after you order a stone from your non-enhanced diamond supplier. Tell us what non-enhanced diamond you plan to present and we’ll make sure you’ll have the right enhanced diamond to show side by side.