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Our Memo Program

Teva Diamonds offers one of the most flexible memo programs in the business. Not only do we offer short term memos for call items, but we offer long term memos. Letting you work with a variety of our product for up to 3 months at a time. When deciding to purchase for stock, be comfortable knowing that we offer multiple term payments, as well as, 1:1 stock balancing at any time.

Your Teva Diamond product is protected by our lifetime warranty and our 100% Upgrade Guarantee

The clarity enhancement process is stable and permanent under normal wear and tear. However, should the enhancement of the diamond change in appearance for any reason, Teva Diamonds will restore the treatment free of charge. Just call us at (877) 683-3426 before you send it in so that we can expect your shipment. In the event your customer decides to upgrade to a larger stone in the future, Teva Diamonds will accept the trade-in stone for full value of the original invoice price.

“After many years of working with the wonderful staff of TEVA Diamonds, their organization is very professional, courteous, consumer-oriented, and knowledgeable. They provide us with superior training, amazing support and are very accommodating. They have an excellent trade-up program, which we use regularly. They have always been understanding of our needs and will go the extra mile to get us any merchandise needed to close the sale!”

Kriss Roethlisberger, Ace Of Diamonds
Fine Jewelry & Gifts

  • From time to time we may need your assistance to ship one of our items to another valued customer such as yourself

  • Requires a rotation twice a year

  • Our Memo program consists of loose diamonds as well as jewelry.