Teva Color Perfected Naturals

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about the fact that a diamond is a diamond is a diamond. And while that may be technically true, when it comes to diamonds there’s simply nothing like the real thing.

Why? Because Teva Color Perfected Naturals, like all 100% natural earth mined diamonds, are guaranteed to hold their value because they’re rare. In fact, only 2% of the world’s diamonds are the rare Type 2A that can become Teva Color Perfected Naturals. The Type 2A classification means that the diamond is nitrogen-free and naturally lacks imperfections.

All our HPHT diamonds come with a GIA certificate and are inscribed. Additionally, Teva Color Perfected Naturals are available in the gem-quality colors of D, E and F and clarities ranging mostly from IF to VVS2. But unlike other gem quality stones of this color and clarity, Teva Color Perfected Naturals have gone through a unique high pressure high temperature (HPHT) process that simulates natural conditions in the earth to permanently and irreversibly improve their color the same way nature does.

During the course of the billions of years it takes for diamonds to form, some extremely rare Type 2A diamonds that were originally crystallized without color and were destined to become extraordinary gems, were exposed to powerful heat, tremendous pressure, and explosive turbulence during their journey through the earth’s crust. These conditions caused a misalignment in the crystal structure of the diamond resulting in an off-color brownish hue to the diamond.

Teva Diamonds High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) process simply mimics comparable conditions of heat and pressure in the earth on these rare Type 2A diamonds, allowing these crystals to return to their proper alignment and their original colorless state – permanently and irreversibly; perfecting the diamonds color to very high colorless D,E, and F quality. The HPHT process puts the diamond into a controlled environment simulating the natural process in which diamonds are created in extreme temperatures (1800 to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit) and high pressure environment.

Because only stones of high clarity can withstand the intense amount of pressure and heat applied in the process, most of these stones are IF to VVS2 clarity. The process does not affect the clarity of the diamond, but simply replicates the earth’s natural conditions. Nothing is added to or removed from the natural diamond crystal in the process of converting a rough off-color diamond to a beautiful polished gem.