Teva Diamonds is a Leading Provider of HPHT Earth Mined Diamonds and Clarity Enhanced Diamonds worldwide. Located in the heart of the New York diamond district as well as in Israel's Diamond Exchange, the company is directed by owner Boaz Oved and his son, Matan Oved .

Their combined diamond expertise, strict self-set standards, passion and commitment to excellence provide you with a rewarding buying experience, from start to finish. Teva Diamonds was founded with a simple philosophy in mind: To give customers an experience that has all but been forgotten in the diamond and jewelry industry. In a rapidly changing industry, Teva Diamonds is here to innovate, and help you adapt to new technological advances such as the HPHT process, and clarity enhancement.

Teva Diamonds developed a reputation of passion as well as experience in the diamond industry across the world. long term relationships and assist clients increase their profit margins by providing them the best prices on the market.

  • The best prices in the market, and help our clients compete with online sales.

  • Deliver products at competitive prices thanks to our offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and New York.

  • Allow our clients easy access to our extended inventory

  • Flexible Memo Program and terms for stock purchases

  • Highest priority no matter how big or small.