Color Enhanced Diamonds


The first and most important thing to mention regarding Color Enhanced Diamonds is that they are REAL Diamonds! Teva Diamonds is the industry leader in superior, high-quality wholesale diamonds. Teva Diamonds takes their diamond business seriously, and you can trust that we will only sell the best diamonds available. When realized early on that an educated consumer was a happy, satisfied consumer. One of the questions we often hear is, “What are Color Enhanced Diamonds?” We decided it behooves us to explore the topic of color enhanced diamonds. In the meantime, you can contact us anytime if you have any questions and to speak to one of our diamond experts. (877)683-3426


Color-enhanced diamonds are not synthetic diamonds. The common color enhanced diamond begins its life as an almost colorless diamond in a raw state. The diamond is then put through a very scientific process, involving irradiation, known as HPHT (high temperature, high pressure). Read more about the HPHT process.
White diamonds are more expensive than color enhanced diamonds because the best candidates for enhanced color diamonds are the diamonds that already have some coloring and are not entirely white. The diamonds selected to be color enhanced are not flawed. Color enhanced diamonds were invented due to the increasing demand for naturally colored diamonds, and the industry could not meet the demand. Simple supply and demand economics. As the demand increased so did the price due to the scarcity of the diamonds. Developed in 1904 and becoming popular in the 1950s, color enhanced diamonds made diamonds increasing affordable and available to the general public. Current technological advancements have increased the range of colors available.


Since the creation process for color enhanced diamonds is very sophisticated, it’s unlikely you will be able to change the color unless the diamond is subjected to temperatures above 450 C/ 850 F. This type of exposure is generally only available jewelers’ bench when resizing a ring. There are a couple of other things you should be aware of in taking care of your diamonds.
Settings – There are numerous settings available: channel, prong, invisible, bezel, flush, and pave. Whichever setting you choose, colored enhanced diamonds cannot be wax-set due to the high temperatures involved.
Cleaning - The diamonds get dirty, and color enhanced diamonds can be cleaned using the same techniques as regular white diamonds.


Teva Diamonds is honored to share our knowledge and expertise with you regarding color enhanced diamonds. We understand you may have more questions and are happy to assist in having those answered for you. Teva Diamonds has a fantastic selection of color enhanced diamonds. Call us today! (877)683-3426