How Is The Quality Of a Diamond Determined?


The quality of a diamond can be determined by examining several key factors. The standard for diamond quality has been set by the Geological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA gives a grade to every diamond and provides a certificate. Every diamond is given a grade according to the standard 4 C’s: clarity, cut, color and carat weight. This grade defines the quality of the diamond.

Clarity – Clarity is based on the number of imperfections contained within the diamond — the more imperfections, the lower the value.

Cut - The most valuable are round diamonds. Other diamond shapes are worth much less than round, such as cushions, princess cuts, and radiants.

Color – Color is graded from D to Z, with D being the best grade. Less color higher grade.

Carat Weight – This is the simplest valuation of the 4 C’s. As the weight or carat of a diamond increases, the value of the diamond increases accordingly.

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