What Are Treated Diamonds?


What are Treated Diamonds? Diamonds that have been improved through a highly intrinsic process conducted in an extremely sophisticated lab. Some diamonds are unfortunately created with flaws by nature, and like anything else, man has endeavored to improve them. A treated diamond has been transformed to make it appear more glamorous, attractive, and satisfying. Trust Teva Diamonds for all your diamond related questions for we are the diamond expert.


Not every diamond is immaculate and flawless. The process of treating the diamond helps it achieve its full potential. The treatment process requires the removal of small fractures or minor imperfections, such as foreign material, adding beauty and attractiveness. Treatments can enhance color, clarity, or both.

Treated diamonds are the consequence of the enduring quest of improving natural objects. The purpose of treating natural diamonds is to artificially enhance their quality by altering one or several characteristics, thus increasing their value. Diamonds are treated to improve their appearance. Treated diamonds can have improved clarity, enhanced color, and even be coated entirely to improve their overall appearance. Treated diamonds are less expensive and can assist people with limited budgets in the ability to purchase a magnificent looking diamond. To learn more regarding treated diamonds, speak to one of the Teva Diamond Experts. (877)683-3426