Improvement of naturally occurring objects from nature has been an endeavor and part of human nature, and the improvement of diamonds is just another. Diamonds have flaws, at least many of them do, and that means some treatment is needed. A treated diamond has been altered to make it appear more alluring, appealing, and satisfying. There are essentially two types of treated diamonds, synthetic, and natural. Teva Diamonds is the diamond expert.


As mentioned, not all diamonds are pristine and flawless; hence, the need to treat them. The treatment involves removing small fractures or minor imperfections, such as foreign material, adding beauty and attractiveness. Treatments can enhance color, clarity, or both. To learn more about the types of diamond treatment (click here).

Treated diamonds are the result of the ongoing quest for improvement of naturally occurring objects. The goal of treating natural diamonds is to artificially improve their quality by altering one or several characteristics, thus increasing their value. Diamonds are treated to improve their appearance. Treated diamonds can have improved clarity, enhanced color, and even be completely coated to improve their overall appearance. Treated diamonds are less expensive and can assist people with limited budgets in the ability to purchase a magnificent looking diamond.

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